We are an enterprise that is committed to meet the needs of our clients in the most efficient possible way. A big portion of our industry find in us a real solution for the technological problems that appear in their every day life. For this purpose, we offer an enormous variety of machines that are ready to begin to produce wich are temporarily kept in a warehouse of 4000 meters. Our enterprise has a huge stock of machines for: spinning, weaving and drying; with the certainty that all of them are leader brands acquired in the internal and external market.


Silqui-Tex S.R.L. have a permanent stock of parts for textile machines. In addition to this, we offer a service of assemblance and maintenance for all the equipments, service which we have provided since the creation of the company.
Our enterprise has a family structure that has be kept from the start, in 1985. Created by Francisco Acosta y María Cristina Dillmann, senior partners of the enterprise, now they have incorporated a new generation of son: Enrique Acosta. Francisco Acosta gained his experience in the textile industry working for Rieter as an official installer for South America, when this Swedish company had one of his plants in Buenos Aires, Argentina.